Summer Workshop: EQuIP Rubric Training

Teachers are bombarded with curriculum that is purportedly “Common-Core Aligned.” Experience, however, reveals that much of this curriculum is the same old material, re-wrapped with a shiny new cover. How can we determine what is high quality and what is not? This workshop provides participants with deep training in evaluating materials aligned to the Idaho Core. While examining high quality lessons & units, participants will gain experience using the EQuIP Rubric, a tool designed for determining the quality of curricular material. From here, educators are empowered to revise existing units, whether those are publisher-created or their own, or even craft new ones. Class held in Lewiston.

This is a three-day workshop that provides in-depth training in the EQuIP rubric to assess instructional materials against the Common Core, the Key Shifts, the best research-based instruction strategies, and varied modes of assessment. It includes the application of assessment methodologies on publisher and teacher-created units. The following topics and problems will be studied and practiced:

  1. Teacher as Effective Evaluator: assess educational units with the EQuIP rubic and provide substantive and constructive feedback.
  2. Teacher as Content Specialist: revise own unit based upon content knowledge, personal expertise, and feedback from other teachers via the EQuIP rubric.

Workshop Objectives: At the conclusion of this 3-day Workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Use the EQuIP rubric as a lens and a tool to effectively assess quality instructional materials in the following areas:
    1. The Common Core State Standards;
    2. The Key Shifts required by the Common Core;
    3. Research-based instructional strategies;
    4. Varied modes of assessment;
  2. Use the EQuIP rubric as a lens and a tool to build and revise their own lessons and units.