Summer Workshop: Transforming School Culture

School culture can make or break an initiative such as the move to the Idaho Core. This workshop explores the four types of educators who make up school communities (Muhammad, 2009) and how administrators can move their staff toward a positive work environment. Participants will actively engage in a Document-Based Inquiry (experiencing Common Core-aligned learning) around the Mann Gulch Fire and explore why people resist change even in the face of personal danger. From there, participants will problem-solve challenges and create action plans for their educational contexts. While this workshop is focused on administrators, they are encouraged to invite their leadership teams. The following topics and problems will be studied and practiced:

  1. School Culture.
  2. Change Made Doable.
  3. Problem-Solving

Workshop Objectives: At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Use the “Drop Your Tools” research as a lens and a tool to effectively assess their school culture;
  2. Use the research on Change (Heath & Heath, 2010) and Motivation (Pink, 2009) as a lens and a tool to craft a plan of action for their own educational context.
  3. Identify Core-aligned instructional strategies that can be used in professional development contexts, as well as K-12 classrooms.

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