Summer Workshop: Key Shifts

A current trend in education is the term “key shifts” when referring to the Common Core. This workshop provides active learning about the key shifts and facilitated work time for embedding these key shifts into lessons. Teachers will learn actively, craft a lesson, and have something ready to go for September! (Note: bring a lesson or lesson idea that you are interested in aligning to the Idaho Core.)

This is a course that provides in-depth training in the Key Shifts. It includes the application of key shifts through integration into lesson plans. The following topics and problems will be studied and practiced:

  1. The Key Shifts
  2. Lesson and/or unit revision.
  3. The Common Core Anchor Standards and grade-level standards.

Workshop Objectives: At the conclusion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Use the key shifts as a lens and a tool to effectively revise lessons/units.
  2. Use the Instructional Practices Guide as a lens and a tool to reflect upon their own teaching and to revise their own lessons and units.

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