Summer Workshop: Evaluating Student Work

Evaluating Student Work is an intensive workshop that continues in-depth exploration of utilizing the EQuIP rubric to assess instructional materials against the Common Core, the Key Shifts, the best research-based instruction strategies, and varied modes of assessment. It includes looking at student work samples (low, middle, and high) to both assess and reflect upon the quality of the unit taught and to begin the process of finding anchor papers for future classroom application. The following topics and problems will be studied and practiced:

  1. Using student work samples to evaluate the quality of teacher-created units;
  2. Teacher as Content Specialist: revise own Core-aligned unit based upon content knowledge, personal expertise, and feedback from other teachers via the EQuIP rubric.
  3. Teacher as Knowledgeable Instructor: teach Core-aligned unit in the classroom.
  4. Teacher as Reflective Practitioner: reflect upon the teaching of Core-aligned unit, consider revision possibilities, and record observations.

Workshop Objectives: At the conclusion of this 4-day workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. Use the EQuIP student work rubric as a lens and a tool to effectively assess the quality of teacher-created units;
  2. Analyze and assess student work samples to establish norms, anchor papers, and non-examples.
  3. Maintain a Reflective Notebook that records and reflects upon their Common Core journeys, revision ideas, and observations of student work.

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