Teacher Appreciation Week: Open Letter to my Core Teachers

Dear Core Teachers: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I deeply appreciate the teachers, humans, thinkers, and learners that you are. You are amazing — and, frankly, I am humbled by the pure awesomeness of you.

And you truly are awesome!

Why are teachers awesome? Because “they can all see the person that we can become someday” (Kid President). Please take a moment (okay, 3:30) to watch this short video clip and reflect on how incredibly awesome you are. Come on. Please 🙂

I think you’re awesome, too. You are awesome for many reasons. But here are three that I am currently thinking about.

1. You care deeply about your teaching craft and you commit long hours to daily becoming the best version of yourself. I saw this in your workshop comments last year, Reflective Notebook entries — and the emails you share with me this year.

2. You care deeply about your colleagues and you’ve shared your ideas, grapplings, and new learnings with them. You’ve invited them to participate in the Core Teacher Program this last year — as well as next year.

3. You care deeply about your students and you create the best lessons, provide the best feedback, and daily nurture your learners. You want them to become the best versions of themselves.

The end of the school year is a hectic and crazy time. We are all stressed and worried. Now more than ever is our commitment to academic excellence, loving care, and genuine nurturing essential for the well-being of those we teach. Our at-risk students, in particular, feel the stress of the coming summer. Where will they be living? Who will they be living with? Will they get fed? Your daily commitment to routine, expectations for academic achievement, and pure joy for being able to spend the day or the hour with them means more than you can ever know. You are the bright spot in so many lives.

As we move into the last weeks of school, resist the temptation to count down days. Your students need to know that you are dreading the last day of school. That they matter. That you will truly miss them.

And, seriously? I have missed seeing you this year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I know it’s long. But it’s from my heart. Thank you for being you. You are so important and I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity to know and work with you. I am humbled.

Much love & appreciation,


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