Global Education Unit: World Mythologies & Archetypes in Literature

Course/Grade: English 9
Unit Title: World Mythologies: Archetypes in Literature
Time Required: Four weeks

Unit Description: This unit on world mythology begins by introducing the five major archetypes: hero, destroyer, temptress, transgressor, and trickster. From whole-class discussion on the topic of mythology to a jigsaw where students collaborate to craft archetype definitions, characteristics, and examples, students add to their understanding of the topic. Students then consider the epic hero of a world myth and note his/her characteristics across the length of the text. There are several projects for this unit: the first offers a choice between three interactive, informative options (two technology-based; one creative writing) designed to capture student knowledge garnered during this project; the second engages students around a class wiki where they work in small groups to track their chosen world hero’s journey.

Version 1: View the unit plan and revision suggestions.

Version 2: View the revised unit plan